Batik Aceh

Batik has been synonymous with the island of Java, but the reality on the NAD also has a traditional craft on this one. What is different from batik Aceh is of course the typical patterns and motives.

Aceh batik motifs using elements of nature and culture in a bold color combination of red, green, yellow, pink, and so forth. Motifs used in batik Aceh implied philosophy of life in society.

Motif door for example, shows a low height door that symbolizes the personality of the Acehnese. Traditional house in Aceh was a low door, but inside it has this airy room. The characteristics that indicate that the people of Aceh have character and customs that are not easy to open with strangers, but will be very good even if they are like siblings know each other. Motif rejects wind became almost the epitome of the number of air vents at each custom house. The motive that implies that the Acehnese people tend to easily accept the differences. While the flower motif Jeumpa kantil-interest-taken because there are many in Aceh and the shape is very beautiful. The strong influence of Islam also foreshadowed batik motifs. Among other decorative spiral-shaped, circular, and the line.(aku cinta batik blog)

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